XII. Patreon

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XII. Patreon

Post by Game Master on Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:22 am

For those who got to this page by actually clicking the patreon image on the right, that wasn't a glitch in the site's coding, I purposefully set that image to redirect you here. Patreon is used to donate money to the site since it's easier for me to manage things with it. If you don't want to make a monthly donation, feel free to create one and then cancel it. For those who made a monthly donation for the benefits of it, please PM me with a screenshot of your confirmation email (preferably with your card information blacked out) as well as your Patreon name, and you'll receive your rewards for sponsoring our site. Some small things to know:
• Sponsoring the site, and making donations IS NOT required to enjoy the site.
• Most sponsor rewards are cosmetic, aside from the higher tier ones.
• High tier rewards have very little impact on the meta, if any at all.
• If you don't have money to donate to the site, then don't do it.
• There is no way that I know of to refund money, I'm a bit new to Patreon so I don't know the UI. Treat all transactions as final.
• Those who make single donations by sponsoring and then cancelling will get some form of reward as a show of gratitude. It won't be grand or magnificent, but it'll be something you can make use of.

For those of you who are sure that you want to Sponsor or Donate, please click the image below.
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